POLYSACK ICT was founded in 1991. In the beginning, the main production of the company was aimed at flexo-printing of PE films and at manufacture of advertising bags.

Right from the start, POLYSACK ICT was gradually renewing it’s technological facilities and extending manufacturing area. In 1999 new manufacture-administration building was constructed. Since then POLYSACK ICT has become the plant of origin with wide scale of printed and non-printed sacks and made of LDPE, HDPE, MDPE and MIX materials.

Since 2003 POLYSACK ICT, s.r.o. has focused itself to production of flexible packages. In 2003 the company invested to modern printing technologies and in 2008 widely expaned production of the packages and increased their quality. The portfolio of products – packages with barrier features – was enlarged also by the acquisition of the laminator.

In 2014 our newest flexographical printing machine from KBA-FLEXOTECNICA company, named EVO XD, was launched. It is 8-colour machine which utilizes alcohol diluted colors, raports up to 1 070 mm and 1 300 mm max. width of printing.

Final products/packages are completed not only by the printing machines but are also cut in more coats by longitudinal cutting machine with up to 1 350 maximum width.

In presence, the main production system of the company is directed towards the printing of flexible packages designed for automatic packaging machines.

POLYSACK ICT offers to it’s clients a wide scale of packages according to their demands and packaging concept. All packages are manufactured of top-quality input materials, from prestigious inland and foreign suppliers. On a yearly basis, our company handles more than 1 100 tons of several kinds of input materials, such as BOPP, CAST PP, PET, PA, LDPE, HDPE, PAP and their various combinations.

All products of POLYSACK ICT are regularly controlled on the part of hygienic faultlessness and since 2005 our company is a holder of the ISO 9001:2000 certificate which is the international guarantee of quality managing system. In 2016 we were successfully certified with BRC IoP 5 - british food-safety standard.

Alimentary and chemical industries, cosmetics, agriculture, packaging of bulk and liquid products – these and many more are the ambits where packaging products of POLYSACK ICT can find their application.